Sunday, 14 December 2014

Welcome to Frozen Layers!

Edmonton January: Blue sky, white everything else.
Being Canadian has both benefits and challenges.  For example, we have free health care, hockey, and poutine.  There may be more benefits besides those to being Canadian, but I think I've covered the important bits already!

There is a slight downside to Canada-winter: those 3 or 4 (or more!) months when you only see your neighbour when you're both shoveling the driveway clear of the overnight snowfall, or perhaps pushing his car when he is stuck at the end of the street.  I know, soon enough, it will be April, and folks will start venturing outside once again.  Barbecues will be uncovered, the snow brushes get put away (till that big storm in May), and thoughts turn to the garden once again.  It isn't all bad, really: having bad weather helps appreciate the good weather even more.

The weather doesn't inhibit my love of AutoCAD, though, and I figure after a couple years writing on internal blogs, it's high time to share publicly tips, solutions, and news about AutoCAD.  So, here we go! 

After noting that every cool (and every awful) CAD pun has long since been used, I chose Frozen Layers, since it is not only a part of AutoCAD, but a part of being Canadian.  Since I find it beneficial when understand how things work, I'll try to explain things here best I can.

Time to grab a double-double!