Thursday, 18 December 2014

Having [Ctrl]

There are plenty of ways to input commands in AutoCAD: the Ribbon, Toolbars, even drop down menus [If you don't see your drop down menus, set MENUBAR = 1].  Being a user since R11, I still do a lot of command entry using the keyboard (but I have abandoned the screen menu). 

Aside from typing in commands, there are lots of built-in keyboard shortcuts in AutoCAD. I'm sure most everyone knows [ctrl] + C to copy to clipboard, and [ctrl] + V to paste from the clipboard, but most every key pressed with [ctrl] is also a command, a variable, or a toggle.

Let's look at some of the most common AutoCAD [ctrl] button shortcuts:

[ctrl] + A selects all objects
[ctrl] + B toggles SNAPMODE
[ctrl] + D toggles Dynamic UCS
[ctrl] + E cycles Isoplane modes
[ctrl] + G toggles GRIDMODE

[ctrl] + C copies objects to the clipboard
[ctrl] + X deletes objects and puts them on the clipboard
[ctrl] + V pastes objects from the clipboard
[ctrl] + Z Undo command

[ctrl] + [shift] + C copies to the clipboard with a base point that you pick
[ctrl] + [shift] + B pastes from the clipboard as a block

[ctrl] + N brings up NEW dialogue box
[ctrl] + O brings up the OPEN dialogue box
[ctrl] + P brings up the PLOT dialogue box

[ctrl] + 1 opens/closes the Properties Palette
[ctrl] + 2 opens/closes Design Center
[ctrl] + 3 opens/closes the tool palette
[ctrl] + 4 opens/closes the Sheet Set Manager
[ctrl] + 9 shows/hides the command line
[ctrl] + 0 shows/hides all toolbars

[ctrl] + [tab] cycles through open drawings
[ctrl] + [page up]/[page down] cycles through layouts in a drawing

There are plenty more, experiment to see what others you can use.

What's your favourite? comment and share!