Sunday, 28 December 2014

More AutoCAD Keyboard Ctrl

After several days of roast turkey, hot turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, and the oh-so-Canadian Boxing Day shopping, it's time to shake off the Tryptophan and get back to AutoCAD.

Staying in the spirit of Ctrl keyboard features and tools, I have created a graphic showing all the out-of-the-box AutoCAD Ctrl + keyboard shortcuts.

I have verified these in AutoCAD 2014 and Civil 3D 2014 with the results as shown, and also have run most on AutoCAD 2015, with no differences noted; please let me know if your results differ.

I have done a little visual sorting as well:

Blue    =  Palettes and display
Yellow =  File operations
Green =  Toggles and Variables
Pink    =  Selection and Clipboard
White  =  No action

This is the out-of-the-box configuration; notice there are plenty of unassigned keys for your own customization!

For example, I map CTRL+SHIFT+V to _Pasteorig (paste to original coordinates), since I do this often. I try to avoid changing any default settings, with the exception of F1, which I re-map to Cancel, since it drives us all nuts when we accidentally hit the F1 key and AutoCAD launches Help.

I hope this helps you try and keep track of all the built in shortcuts; Happy CADding! 

Update: FYI, Here are the out-of the box CTRL+SHIFT shortcuts:
CTRL+SHIFT+C   Copy with base Point
CTRL+SHIFT+I     Toggle Infer Constraints
CTRL+SHIFT+L    Select Previous
CTRL+SHIFT+V    Paste as Block

2015-01-06 Update: I have corrected the CTRL+N (NEW) and CTRL+M (no command) keys in the graphic