Monday, 23 November 2015

Two Quick and Easy AutoCAD Cleanup Tools

We all try as CAD users to keep file sizes down, since we all know smaller files Open faster, Save faster, Autosave faster, and Regen faster.  They also Recover faster! 

That said, we probably all use PURGE to remove unused elements to reduce file size. But did you know there is a lesser known feature 'hidden' in the Purge command we can use to remove unused Registered Applications, or Regapps?  

There's another way to lighten your files: use SCALELISTEDIT to remove unused annotation scales.  Let's examine both and lighten up our drawings!

Let's -Purge some Regapps!

Purging Regapps is easy;  the hardest part is finding the command, which is only available in the command line version of the Purge command.  To invoke the command line version, simply prefix any command with the "-" minus sign: in this case: -Purge

A lot of options appear in the command line version of purge, but in this case, the purge option we want is Regapps.  

To select it, simply type R [enter]
Then, hit [enter] to have AutoCAD purge all unused Regapps
Lastly, hit N [enter] to avoid having to verify each Regapp to be purged.

 AutoCAD will not delete active Regapps, so you can use the "*" and "N" choices rather confidently.  In the image below, we see that there can be plenty of these existing in a drawing.

Pro Tip: If you want to remove Regapps from multiple drawings, see here for a multi-file Regapps tool by Autodesk!

SCALELISTEDIT - Quick cleanup of annotation scales
Another possible source of file bloating may be Annotation scales, which copy/paste from drawing to drawing, and also inhabit files via XREF. 

The SCALELISTEDIT command will show a dialog box with all the drawing scales in the current drawing.  The example below shows about 700 scales.

Clicking the Reset button on the right of the dialog box allows the unused annotation scales to be deleted, and replaced with your choice of metric, imperial, or both default lists.

A few clicks later, your file is 675 scales smaller!

 So, there are 2 quick and easy ways to make your files smaller, and faster!

Got a file cleanup tip you want to share? let us know in the comments area!