Monday, 24 August 2015

A Few CLASSIC AutoCAD Commands

Every year, a new AutoCAD product launches, and with it there are new features and commands.  In AutoCAD 2009, the Ribbon changed the interface in a dramatic way, and with it, several command dialogs became palettes.  What if you liked the dialog boxes instead of palettes?

Well, good news!  AutoCAD still allows you to get back to the classics with a few CLASSIC commands!

Want your old xref dialogs back?    CLASSICXREF opens the XREF dialog instead of launching the palette.

CLASSICIMAGE allows image attachment via the old dialog box instead of the XREF palette, too.

CLASSICGROUP launches the Object Grouping dialog

Do you prefer the layer dialog to the palette?  CLASSICLAYER  brings back old memories.

(If you really like it old-school, set LAYERDLGMODE to 0 , and your LAYER command activates the dialog box instead of the palette.)

Lastly, for those who wonder what happened to the ARRAY command a few versions ago, ARRAYCLASSIC brings back the old ARRAY dialog.  It's not dynamic like the new ARRAY, but sometimes, it's exactly what you need.

There you have it: a few ways to get back to the older interface and feel of earlier versions of AutoCAD.    Of course, there may be less functionality in some of these, but not everything is better with palettes.  For instance, binding XREFs seems to be more successful in the dialog, as opposed to the palette...

Do you have any commands or interface you wish were still in AutoCAD?   Share your thoughts!